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Table 2 case study functional spaces and cost estimates

From: Tourism potential of the confluence between river Niger and river Benue in Nigeria: implication for project finance

Shopping Mall
 GFA 5312 m2
 Lettable GFA 3452.8 m2
 Rent per GFA 5000 pa
 Gross Rent pa   17,264,000.00
Service Station
 GFA 75 m2
 Lettable GFA 75 m2
 Rent per GFA 3000 pa
 Gross Rent pa   225,000.00
2nr Terminal Buildings
 GFA 60 m2
 Lettable GFA 60 m2
 Rent per GFA 4000 pa
 Gross Rent pa   240,000.00
Veiw Centre
 GFA 500 m2
 Lettable GFA 500 m2
 Rent per GFA 3500 pa
 Gross Rent pa   1,750,000.00
 GROSS RENT   19,479,000.00
 Less Management + Maintenancesay   25% 4,869,750.00
 Net Rent   14,609,250.00