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Table 1 Index of entrepreneurship development in agricultural small businesses

From: Entrepreneurship in small agricultural quick-impact enterprises in Iran: development of an index, effective factors and obstacles

Number Concept (Component) Worldviews of subjects
1 Profitability Doing an economic activity (21), Creating efficiency in business (4), Utility of business in indices like: the period of the return of capital gain, net income, etc. (7), Improvement and increase in liquidity (3), Revenue of business (28), Economic benefit (9)
2 Creating job Occupation of employed and underemployed persons in village (19), Decrease in unemployment pressure in the society (4), Creating job (23), Creating balance in business (12), Creating hope and happiness in the family (7), Eliminating financial need (19), Promoting business in the society (3)
3 Innovation Variety in product or service (23), Creating new job (17), Innovative use of technology (17), Doing an innovative activity in the area (8), Information technology use for being up to date (2), Innovation use to success in business (5)
4 Stability of business Job stabilization (24), Traversing from the cycle of business and arriving to development (19), Creating a stable job and preventing from social damages (4), Stability in business (1), Failure to create a cross-sectional and transitory business (12)
5 Flexibility Gaining the ability of confronting with economic conditions (18), Producing proper product according to market conditions (9), On time reaction to the market changes (7)
6 Customers’ satisfaction Gaining a good sale market (15) Lack of problem for sale or delivery of product (10), Gaining the assurance of producer from market after the production (12), Purchaser’s interests (4)
7 Employees’ satisfaction Retention and not firing of employees (14), Employees’ utility from the advantages of work (6)
8 Regional welfare and development Removing employees’ concern of economic problems (10), Providing conditions improving the future of human beings in terms of physical, spiritual, work and study (5), Eliminating discrimination in the society (11), Being effective in the area development (8), Rapid coordination of local resources (10), Using seasonal and local workforce (15)
9 Challenging and taking advantage of opportunities Creating business or increasing the amount of branches in a targeted and justified manner (16), Capability of competition with larger businesses (11), Attracting customers by offering a better product and a better quality (5), Welcoming new ideas, identifying and analyzing opportunities (4), Maintaining people’s power for the product selection (19), Analysis of current situation (4)
10 Protecting environment Using the safe technology (9), Observing health requirements (8), Creating a green job (11), Producing a healthy product (7), Reducing pollution and energy consumption (12)
11 Ideas commercializing Selecting a brand or commercial name (6), Using technology for creating value (6), Success in implementing the idea (10)
  1. Note: The numbers in parentheses represent the frequency of repetition of concept from the subjects’ worldviews