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Table 6 Results of factor analysis to determine the obstacles of entrepreneurship development of quick-impact enterprises

From: Entrepreneurship in small agricultural quick-impact enterprises in Iran: development of an index, effective factors and obstacles

Factors Name of factor Items Factor loading The percentage of explained variance The percentage of accumulative variance
1 Financial obstacles Strict rules to get loans 0.89 16.8 16.88
Repayment interest of loans 0.87
Lack of ability to get timely loans 0.88
Inability to obtain raw materials 0.63
2 Market obstacles Significant changes in input prices 0.81 14.89 31.78
The uncertainty of the market situation of the product 0.69
Marketing problems 0.85
3 Information obstacles Complementary and specialized information and expertise regarding the implementation of plan 0.86 13.66 45.45
Obtaining investment and supportive plans information 0.79
Lack of familiarity of business owner with applied principles of entrepreneurship 0.60
4 Legal obstacles Interference and passing laws without consulting with business owners 0.79 10.32 55.78
Bureaucracy or administrative bureaucracy (high obstacles to get licensure and registration of company) 0.63
5 Supportive obstacles Lack of insurance supporter
Shortage and outwear physical facilities
7.12 68.83
Strict rules to get loans 0.89