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Table 12 Operationalisation of Perceived Behavioural Control (PBC)

From: Understanding the entrepreneurial intention among international students in Turkey

No Item of questions Score
1 Strongly disagree) 2 Disagree 3 Neither agree nor disagree 4 Agree 5 Strongly agree
pbc1 To start a firm and keep it working would be easy for me      
pbc2 I am prepared to start a viable firm      
pbc3 I can control the creation process of a new firm      
pbc4 I know the necessary practical details to start a firm      
pbc5 I know how to develop an entrepreneurial project f. If I tried to start a firm, I would have a high probability of succeeding      
  1. To what extent do you agree with the following statements regarding your entrepreneurial capacity? Please value them from 1 (total disagreement) to 5 (total agreement)