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Table 2 Summary of Chip Diagnostic’s EO

From: Innovativeness, risk-taking, and proactiveness in startups: a case study and conceptual development

Sub-dimension attribute Early EO state Later EO state
Innovativeness in processes + New ideas and creative way of working ++ Constant change with creativity and experimentation
Innovativeness in outcome -- “New” technology not novel or unique + Established technology used in new combinations
Risk-taking in processes ++ Constant aggressive posture of risk-taking ++ Constant aggressive posture of risk-taking
Risk-taking in outcome ++ A product in early development with high risk Comprehensible risk of product
Proactiveness process Reactive leadership without anticipation of the future + Leadership actively monitoring and scanning customer needs
Proactiveness in outcome The product was not first with a solution in an established market + Established technology in new combinations aimed at new market