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Table 1 Description of the independent variables used in the profitability model

From: Profitability and constraints to urban exotic vegetable production systems in the Kumasi metropolis of Ghana: a recipe for job creation

Variables Measurement of variables Category Expected sign
Age of farmer (X1) Number of years Continuous
Educational level (X2) Years of schooling Continuous +
Household size of the farmer (X3) Number of family members Continuous +
Experience (X4) Number of years in farming Continuous +
Cost of labor (X5) Ghana Cedi (Gh¢) Continuous
Access to credit (X6) 1 if access, 0 otherwise Dummy +
Price of manure (X7) Ghana Cedi (Gh¢) Continuous
Price of pesticide (X8) Ghana Cedi (Gh¢) Continuous
Price of fungicide (X9) Ghana Cedi (Gh¢) Continuous
Price of output (X10) Ghana Cedi (Gh¢) Continuous +
Farm size (X11) Acres Continuous +
Farm tools (X12) Depreciation using the straight line method \( =\frac{\mathrm{cost}\ \mathrm{of}\ \mathrm{the}\ \mathrm{asset}-\mathrm{salvage}\ \mathrm{value}}{\mathrm{useful}\ \mathrm{life}\ \mathrm{of}\ \mathrm{the}\ \mathrm{asset}} \) Continuous