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Table 2 List of vital few factors affecting social entrepreneurial intentions

From: Development of a comprehensive model of social entrepreneurial intention formation using a quality tool

Factor no. Factor Frequency of occurrences Cumulative Frequency Cumulative percentage
1 Personality 30 30 19.11%
Big 5 personality traits (agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, openness to experiences), willpower, empathy, proactive personality, social entrepreneurial personality, risk-taking ability, leadership, creativity and problem solving, need for achievement, preference for autonomy and independence, feelings of benevolence, mindfulness orientation, originality, perseverance, emotional intelligence, cognitive style, moral obligation, prosocial motivation, compassion, altruism    
2 Attitude towards behavior 17 47 29.94%
Attitude, entrepreneurial and responsible social attitudes, attitude towards becoming a social entrepreneur, passion for entrepreneurial task, attitude towards entrepreneurship education/university environment, behavioral attitude, personal attitude, entrepreneurial attitude, attitude towards entrepreneurship    
3 Subjective norms 16 63 40.13%
Subjective norms on becoming a social entrepreneur, social norms, perceived social norms, personal norms, moral obligation    
4 Social capital 13 76 48.41%
Support, social support, social networks, social entrepreneurial social capital, bonding social capital, bridging social capital, perceived social support, perceived support    
5 Human capital 12 88 56.05%
Social entrepreneurial human capital, critical pedagogy, mentors, exposure to social entrepreneurship, previous business experience, previous self-job experience, social entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurs’ educational levels, experience, education or entrepreneurship training, exposure to social business, entrepreneurship training, social volunteering, prior experience with social problems    
6 Perceived behavior control 12 100 63.69%
7 Self-efficacy 11 111 70.70%
Perceived self-efficacy, perceived entrepreneurial ability, social entrepreneurial self-efficacy, entrepreneurial self-efficacy    
8 Perceived desirability 7 118 75.16%
9 Perceived feasibility 7 125 79.62%