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Table 1 Q set statements

From: Refining national culture and entrepreneurship: the role of subcultural variation

Card number Statement
1 Some social groups (class, religion, caste, ethnicity, gender) are better suited to become entrepreneurs than others
2 Some people and cultures are just more entrepreneurial than others
3 There is a unique personality type suited to being an entrepreneur
4 Entrepreneurs are more concerned with the Quantity of life than the Quality of life
5 Entrepreneurs are unreasonable people who do not respect social rules
6 Entrepreneurs are independent rebels who operate outside of regular society
7 Entrepreneurs care more about the future possibilities than the present way things are
8 Entrepreneurs see the world differently than other people
9 You should not trust entrepreneurs, they will try to cheat you
10 Entrepreneurs have unrealistically high opinions of themselves
11 If you know that something needs to be done in the world, you should do it yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it
12 Entrepreneurs control their own destiny
13 Entrepreneurs actually do the things that other people only dream about
14 Entrepreneurs seek out problems and places of dissatisfaction in life
15 Entrepreneurs are aggressive troublemakers who create problems
16 Entrepreneurs exploit the work of others to make themselves rich
17 Copying other successful businesses is a good idea
18 You must be very lucky to succeed as an entrepreneur
19 Entrepreneurship is more about how you view the world and respond to opportunities than managing a small business
20 The purpose of entrepreneurship is to make lots of money
21 The purpose of entrepreneurship is to satisfy the needs and desires of other people
22 The purpose of entrepreneurship is to create jobs for others
23 The purpose of entrepreneurship is personal independence and autonomy
24 Entrepreneurs deserve to be rewarded for trying risky new things
25 Entrepreneurs have a lot of freedom because they are not accountable to anyone else
26 What you achieve in business in more important than what you must do to achieve it
27 If you cannot find a job, you should create one on your own
28 You need to have a lot of money before you can start a new business
29 You need to be well-connected to powerful people to start a new business
30 It is a good idea to use the money of other people (investors) to start your business
31 The most important thing for starting a business is to spot a big customer need
32 The most important thing for starting a business is to have talented partners
33 The most important thing for starting a business is to invent a useful new product or service
34 The support of friends and family is important when starting a new business
35 Entrepreneurs make society better
36 Entrepreneurs generate new wealth that spreads through society
37 Entrepreneurs tend to divide people and disrupt society
38 People who start new businesses and then fail are unreliable and not to be trusted
39 Nothing good can come from trying to start a business but failing at it
40 Entrepreneurs must be prepared to challenge the existing social structures
41 It is a bad thing when entrepreneurs destroy an old type of business or traditional way of doing business
42 Anyone can move up in society by being more entrepreneurial